About Us

Welcome to Elnora Marketing Consultancy

Who Are We

Elnora is a digital marketing agency helping new start-ups or brands clarify their business goals, strategies, and plans through a proved business systems.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help startups and SME businesses grow.

What We Do

We help Starups become brand and grow by leveraging the latest tools in website development, graphic design, social media marketing, digital content creation and more.

With over 10 years experience under our belts, we have the skillset to handle all of your marketing needs from strategy to execution.


Our Process


Phase I: Facilitate Brand Workshop

We meet with you and selected internal stakeholders to come to an understanding on what your brand is and also to learn more about your organization.

This facilitated session helps identify your key target audiences, perceptions of current brand name and identity, current market position, customer decision-making factors and more.

At the end of this session, we will have collected key internal perceptions that will shape your brand identity and will create a summary report of our findings for you.


Phase II: Perform Market Research

After securing your insight, we validate your brand perceptions via market research.

We gain input from your customers – either via a widely distributed survey and/or one-on-one interviews – and compile results into a report for your review.

We also evaluate key competitors’ brand positioning to ensure your brand platform is distinctive.


Phase III: Develop Alternative Creative Approaches

Once internal and external research is complete, we summarize our findings in a creative brief for your approval.

When finalized, our creative design and messaging teams go to work. We prepare a minimum of three different creative directions for you to evaluate – including theming, messaging, logos, color schemes, imagery, photography, etc.

We deliver these approaches for your review.

If desired, we can conduct a second survey to market-test the various creative approaches to secure external perspective and present results to you.

Whichever path you choose – you are the final decision-maker in choosing the messaging and visual identity that is right for your company.


Phase IV: Implement On-Brand Marketing Communications

After you’ve selected your creative direction, we deliver a brand visual identity and messaging guide to facilitate brand roll-out in all your communications materials.

We can collaborate with you to prioritize implementation of your brand in your corporate communications, deliver brand-compliant designs for various vehicles or take on creation of any or all of your communications materials.

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